New Year, New KaBlog!

First of all, happy new year to all that read this! Hope your gym memberships haven’t cost too much that you will use for a few weeks and I hope your bank accounts haven’t taken much of a hammering like my liver and kidneys did over this wonderful festive period.

 Secondly, I would like to apologise for the extreme lack of content on my half as I’ve been snowed under at work doing silly amounts of overtime and just sleeping on the days I’ve had off. Thankfully ‘peak’ at work is over and I can now put much more time into writing these blogs, soon to be vlogs and gameplay footage of a large variety of games. Even though it can’t be helped I’m frustrated in myself for not delivering you guys and Kapow! more content as it’s something I enjoy doing and more importantly enjoy seeing you members share your opinions and thoughts on new (and old) films, games and TV series. 

 Sharing a passion with a community which is equally as passionate about these things brings me joy and has even helped me develop a few new friends. speaking of the community (insert shameless plug). Kapow! are hosting episode 3 of the Kapow! presents the Retrostation on February the 4th. Will be great to see as many of you possible there to create new gaming memories and possible friends. Not only that, it really is a great day out and something completely different to do on a weekend. New year, new way to spend weekends. (possible new life moto?)

 Anyway on to the serious shit. Drugs are bad.

 On a serious note, as mentioned previously, it has been the festive season, and unless it’s due to religious reasons, beliefs, lack of money or mummy, daddy and Santa Clause dont like you. Then the festive season normally comes bearing gifts. And as always, for me anyway I always get a new game that keeps me occupied for at least Christmas. As a child I think the best Christmas I ever had was receiving Crash Bandicoot Warped, gift wise it wasn’t the most expensive. However the memories I have that flood back when I play the game are priceless. I remember begging my parents to allow me to take the original Playstation to my nan and grandads on Christmas day (we had Christmas dinner there with the whole family) and getting everyone involved trying to beat Dingodile and his bloody flamethrower, all I wanted to do was save the penguin. 

What would be your most memorable moment on Christmas gaming related?

 Now in a previous blog I mentioned how I had buyers regret when purchasing my PS4 (which I dont now btw :D). But I still think the games library is shocking. Not due to lack of games, there’s plenty. But they’re all ‘same samey’. There’s not many that are ‘fun for everyone’. Something only Nintendo seems to understand these days. Gaming used to be a group activity in my house, even if it was a single player game. The magic put into those games in the past has passed. It’s infuriating. The LEGO and Skylander games are probably the only ones of recent times that I can actually play couch co-op with my youngest brother or play through with him next to me without there being some sort of violent scene or cinema in depth cutscene he won’t understand.

 Developers need to realise there’s a new age of gamers coming through and relying on nostalgia and gore is only going to get them so far. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for nostalgia… BRING ON SONIC MANIA AND CRASH REMASTERED! And I’m sure a lot of you are too, but how many times can me play the same game over and over again but it now runs at 489 thousand frames a second? How many times are we going to see a 1st/3rd person gritty shooter with a dark backstory? Bring back the care free fun games. Bring back the kid in all of us, make us smile and laugh with the family and friends. I don’t wanna be sat next to my partner or best friend crying because the little bitch moaning all through the game dies in the last chapter or scene. Yes these scenes make a game memorable, and in some cases games these days are better than most film plots. But they’re not creating the memories they used to when playing a game a long side someone. And this is something I greatly miss, which is why I’m a sucker for nostalgia and all old games and platforms.

 On the subject of nostalgia, it’s not that long ago COD4 was released, yet they find it necessary to release a remastered edition already like it’s a classic. At first I thought it was a terrible decision. But now, for me, it’s the most fun I’ve had playing a game in a long time. All my spare time over the holidays I’ve been like a kid in high school texting friends and family to jump online and have ‘1 game’. I don’t know why I’ve never had this with previous call of duty titles. Yet this one brings out the giggling child in me when I play, there’s something magical about playing one of the first FPS online games I ever played on a console. COD4 doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, it’s not overly complicated, the guns are balanced perfectly (fuck the M16 and .50 cal though) and there’s just enough change in the maps to stop it from getting stale. IW nailed Call of Duty in their first instalment and I hope the success they are getting out of this remastered edition is the start of developers and creators going back to basics. And by this I don’t mean 128 bit graphics with no analog controls. By this I mean by physic engines and not having 238,098 button combos and outcomes to scenarios. This helps create a level playing field and allows new users to become interested in a game.

A developer called ‘Playtonic’ have obviously noticed the lack of platformers and simpler games on platforms other than Nintendo and have begun (nearly finished) a game called Yooka Laylee. Playtonic are an independent company yet most of the team are formed from the old Rareware team who gave us great games such as, Donkey Kong Country, Banjo Kazooie, Killer Instinct etc. So you know this is going to be a well polished game, full of character and something everyone can enjoy thanks to their great sense of humour pushed throughout the games they’ve made. Some of you might have already heard about it. But if not, check it out!

That’s enough for me tonight anyway, so God bless you all, have a great Monday!


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